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March 22, 2017


Wallis Reid Jewelry offering hand carved presentation boxes with each custom ring

We recently noted some lovely hand carved boxes in local shops after moving to Coos Bay, Oregon. This area is noted for its Myrtle, Manzanita, Grand Fir, Douglas Fir, Port Orford Cedar and other unusual trees that grow in our mild coastal climate. We tracked down the woodworker and now use his up cycled boxes for our engagement and wedding rings. Dave Weaver is an octogenarian who says he works with wood because he “has to.” Simple as that. Without daily communion with his craft, life would lose some of its fire. People donate most of the wood Dave uses. And we are thrilled that what could otherwise become firewood or refuse now is transformed into a piece of art in Dave’s hands. He often combines wood species, and always enhances the natural aspects and individual features of the raw wood. We think our crafts area great marriage of styles.





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