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Please have your finger sized by a local jewelry store before ordering. When sizing tell the jeweler the width of the ring you are purchasing. Width of the band is a significant factor in accurate sizing and generally wider band rings, require larger sizes. If you are not sure of the ring width you are ordering, please send me an email:


Sometimes the fit is a bit off, even after having your finger sized, but no worries!  Just let me know the size adjustment needed, ship your ring back to me, and I will resize and ship it back for free. If you just guess at the sizing when ordering without an accurate finger measurement first, and the resizing needed is over 1/2 ring size, I charge $50 plus return shipping for fitting it properly.


I make every ring by hand to wear round the clock. On rare occasion a gemstone may loosen and should that happen please ship it back to me as soon as possible so that the stone is not lost. I will tighten it for free and return it to you quickly. Should you have any other issue, please contact me and I will make every effort to resolve quickly. I am very proud of the wonderful reviews received over the years and have never had an unhappy client.


To insure a long life for your jewelry, remove it when washing your hands, putting on cosmetic lotions, or using any harsh chemicals. Some products contains chemicals that damage gold and silver. Avoid wearing rings to the beach or swimming pool, or gardening, doing housework or other activities that may scratch jewelry. 


Most of my designs include oxidized sterling silver as part of the band unless the ring is all gold. To attain the black color of oxidation, I use a chemical treatment of dissolved Liver of Sulphur. The process is quick, easy, and quite safe. The intensity of the black coloration can fade over time depending on the exposure to environmental elements like salt water, harsh soap, or chemicals. Many clients like the natural patina the ring takes on if it fades but others like to keep the dark black contrast of the original look. I send along a supply of Liver of Sulphur with each ring and easy to use instructions so that you can give it a quick bathe and rinse to restore the color as desired. Several clients are commercial fishermen or surfers that expose their rings to salt water daily and many tell me the color doesn't fade or they like the gunmetal coloration that evolves. Either way the reoxidation with LOS is truly quick, easy, safe, and very effective.


My rings are one-of-kind art and, as such, I do not accept returns for my work.
Before you decide to purchase, I offer my best efforts to help define the piece you want. Understanding how very important this decision is for you I never compromise the time, materials, and workmanship required to create each piece. Please ask questions and take time to explore the examples shown in my store to help you reach an informed buying decision.


I encourage custom orders and can usually deliver a custom piece within a few weeks. I can also expedite delivery for very special occasions if materials are readily available.

Please send me an email: and include an image of your idea if possible, or a link to one of my rings that you would like to modify. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that I prefer to customize one of my designs ra