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Custom Work


I strongly encourage custom orders. Usually I can deliver your custom piece within two weeks and can expedite delivery for very special occasions if materials are available quickly.


Please use the form below to describe your ideas for custom work. I will respond asap with price and delivery time.
Some things to think about when describing your ideas:

1. Gemstone(s) desired:
  :  Diamonds?
      : Natural/Uncut or Faceted?
      : Color?
      : Size?
  :  Montana Sapphire?
      : Natural/Uncut or Faceted?
      : Color?
      : Size?

2. Select metals:
  :  Sterling silver?
      : 100% silver or fused mix with solid gold?
      : Oxidize (darken) the silver?
  :  Solid gold?
      : 100% or fused mixture with sterling silver? 
      : Yellow, rose, or white gold, or mix of colors?
      : 14k or 18k?

3: Band:
  : Width desired?
  : Finger size?
You can also email me directly at: