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     We truly do our best to responsibly source our gemstones and fine metals, regardless of cost, to help  protect and conserve natural resources. Specifically, we use only the finest sterling silver and solid 18k gold that comes to us from certified recycling & remanufacturing facilities here in the United States.
     We only purchase diamonds through respected suppliers who, like us, adhere to the standards established by the Kimberley Process. All Wallis Reid diamonds are warranted to be conflict free, and if any of our suppliers is ever found in violation of that process, we will immediately stop buying from them. 
      Many of our stones have been gathered on beaches and other areas presently open to responsible public rockhounding in Oregon and from areas in the West.
     We have collected precious stones in travels to Asia and Africa and always strive to buy them directly from local miners who follow industry established responsible harvesting. methods.